Creative Services

Merlot developed a trade and consumer advertising campaign that communicates a visual story that is both sophisticated and compelling. With a product that ‘lives’ undercounter, our goal was to showcase the most important ‘appliance’ in the kitchen: Everpure water filtration.


Public Relations

Any major brand in the world can spend millions of dollars to advertise during high-traffic time slots on television. Not every company has the opportunity to leverage media connections and secure a spot on the Today show. To announce Everpure’s exclusive water filtration system, we garnered national coverage to shine the spotlight on America’s obsession with bottled water and propose a new, environmentally-friendly solution.


Collateral Materials

Merlot developed an informative brochure that exudes a healthy lifestyle and promotes clean and crisp water through the use of sophisticated copy and unique imagery



The photography features the Everpure product in a high-end bathroom suite that is clean and design-driven.


Additional Case Studies


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