Sometimes the best rebrand is a brand refresh

September 13, 2012 - 1 minute read

To stay relevant, companies need to evolve; not only with their products or services, but with their brand as well.  Here are a few companies that did it right.  They rebranded while maintaining their brand equity.

Twitter takes flight!

The bird “matures” and takes to the skies to help position the brand as more established. Read more about the Twitter rebrand.

UPS removes its tie

UPS removed the ties that bind because they can get caught in machinery and they ship more than just boxes. Known for its brown color, they kept it intact to ensure they were still able to ask, “What can Brown do for you?” The company kept the shield but made it more modern with the use of reflection and dimension.

Apple loses its stripes

Apple modernized its logo by removing the rainbow colors and adding the same kind of modern glass-like characteristics of its products.

Burger King shrinks its buns! 

Burger King didn’t deviate from its brand, but rather added some life and color to it with movement, a logo-enhancing blue and slimmer buns!

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